Is Christmas a celebration of Christ’s birth or is it a pagan celebration of materialism?  Does it confuse our children if we mix Santa with the true meaning of Christmas as a celebration of Christ’s birth?  Should we decorate or even exchange gifts? 

Although Jan and I did not struggle with most of these questions when our family was young I know some families do.  As a Christian family we did consider how to address the issue of Santa and the potential confusion it might cause our children in understanding that Jesus, who can’t be seen but is alive, is not the same as the imaginary Santa who can be seen in multiple malls and shopping centers but is not real. 

 We decided to allow our children to experience Santa.  We did not make it a big emphasis, threatening them with the thought that if they didn’t behave Santa wouldn’t come, or if they didn’t go to sleep Santa wouldn’t come, we just played along with their imagination while making the clear emphasis on Christ our Lord and Savior.  We participated in family events where Santa visited bringing gifts for the kids.  When our children asked about Santa we never lied to them.  When their questions became focused on the reality of Santa we told them the truth.  We felt this was important so that when we talked to them about a personal relationship with Jesus they would know that we always tell them the truth.

 What should you do about Christmas celebrating in your family?  My encouragement for you is to enjoy the festivities that surround the season while maintaining a clear focus on the reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.  He is the reason, and the way, for peace on earth and good will for all men!

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