Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

When I was in my late twenties an older mentor and friend was encouraging me to make a job change.  Although I saw it as a great risk he boldly guaranteed my success.  I asked him to explain to me why he was so confident and he responded with this phrase, “Because leopards don’t change their spots and things are transferable.”  He went on the explain that the character of my life had laid a foundation for the success I had already achieved.  He stated that my character was like the spots on the leopard.  He then told me that things transfer.  Hard work in one area translates into contacts and reputation which transfer into another area.  He told me that he knew me to be a hard worker with character and reputation.  That is why he was so confident.

Over the years I have sought to find this phrase in scripture but couldn’t find its exact wording.  However, it does accurately reflect the principles found in scripture of diligence, integrity, faithfulness, hard work and the importance of a good name.  If these qualities are present in our lives and increasing in their expression the hand of God and his favor will direct us to the finish line with His success.

Moses told Joshua to hold the word of God firm and meditate in it day and night for by doing so he would find prosperity and success.  Success is not easy or quick in God’s kingdom but it is sure.  Jesus declared in Luke chapter 11, “faithful in little, faithful in much.

This interchange now many years ago has had impact on my parenting as well.  It added to a principle that my dad had modeled and established in my life.  The principle of encouragment.  I try regularly to speak blessing to my children.  I did so as they were growing up in our home and I continue to do it over them as adults with families of their own.  One of the blessings I speak over them relates to their success.  No matter what they do they will succeed because they are committed to God and serving His purposes.  He will prosper them and give them success as they follow and obey Him. 

How do I know they will be a success?  Because leopards don’t change their spots and things are transferable.  Because things transfer.  So things like hard work, integrity, and a good name become reflections of faithfulness in little ways and create the foundation to built and expand upon opportunities with guaranteed success.  It gives me confidence to my children they will be succeed in an opportunity because of their previous behavior and their trust in God’s word for directing their lives.  It is true; faithful in little faithful in much.

Every effort is worth our best effot and nothing is to small to justify being over looked.  That applies to both attitude and behavior.  So remember and apply this wisdom from my friend to your parenting language: “Leopards don’t change their spots and things are transferable.”

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